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The art object is an oil painting of a busy city. In the background, there is a cluster of high, city buildings with an off center street cutting through the main part of the city and opening up to wide expanse to the viewer. Clusters of people are…

The art object is an oil painting depicting figures playing different instruments. In the foreground, is one figure who is playing the cello, beyond that is another figure who playing the timphani. In the background, behind the other musicians is a…

A farmstead sits in the distance behind a broken shelter belt of pine trees on the right and deciduous trees on the left. In between the shelter belt and the viewer is the remains of an old fence line around a field in which the remains of a…

In this winter landscape the lower part of a large pine tree consumes the right half of the composition. On the left side we see a snowy path that takes us deeper into the woods.

This drawing appears as if the viewer is getting a peak into the undergrowth of thick trees and brush in the woods. the darkest area is cental in the composition with light areas of foliage around the outside of the image

This Cy Running painting is of an autumn landscape depicting the windswept plains of the region. A large round-top golden haystack sits in the lower right quadrant of the foreground, behind an aged fence line of tilting wood posts and loose, rusty…

Copper and bronze screen with blue/green patina, steel rod, and rawhide leather constructed in a circular form resembling a honeybee.

Abstract mixed media piece with ceramic tiles arranged on a linen covered board. The tiles are glazed in hues of blue, green, brown, gray, and pink. Some of the ceramic pieces lift up from the surface to create a sense of movement and dimension.

The image is a black and white caricature drawing of Concordia faculty members. They are arranged in a group and surrounded by the Arvegards outdoor sculpture that is near Old Main.
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