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There are seven rows of squares in the middle. Every other row has squares alternating in dark purple, light purple. The other rows alternate between dark purple in greens. The greens in the last green-purple row are nearly blue, like a teal. Dark…

A dark purple diamond is outlined by a lighter purple around it. Underneath this is more purple, in a V-shape. Red surrounds this like a blocky flower, or a five-pointed star. Green triangles touch the red. At the bottom, there are a few triangles of…

The main part of the cathedral still standing is stone that makes up four arched windows/entryways. Little else is in tact. The ruins take up most of the top half, particularly toward the right. White flowers with yellow centers grow along the borrom…

There are 8 frames in two rows. The sequence runs as though reading English.

The hand is a right hand. There are over three dozen distinct seeds; though they are coming down from the palm onto the fingers onto the ground, more than half of those are still in the hand. Other smaller seeds lay to the right of the hand. Three…

A person sitting in a chair with their back to the viewer looking out a window.

Fourteen thistle heads on a thistle plant stand among their own plant's thorns, with the use of two tones: brown and white.

The lavendar sky dramatically switches to being a rose pink above the building. Presumably, one of these colors is a thick blanket of clouds, though it is difficult to make out exactly what is what. What little ground can be seen through the water is…

This is a bronze relief sculpture of Hans Neilsen Hauge mounted on a large granite obselisk with 4 posts. Beneath the relief of Hauge is an inscription in the obelisk that says, in Norwegian "Giv Din Kirke Maend og Faedre; Som er Dig og Sandhed Tro;…
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