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Charles Beck


A reflection on the life and legacy of Charles Beck

Duane Mickelson


An exploration into Duane Mickelson, a lover of nature and the creator of the Woodland Creatures.

This exhibition explores the life and work of Duane Mickelson throughout his time at Concordia College. His work is prominently displayed throughout Concordia and can be found in the collections of the Rourke Museum, The Plains Art Museum, and Fergus Falls Community and Technical College.

David Hetland


The life and work of David Hetland, an influential voice at Concordia for years.

This exhibition explores the life and work of David Hetland. He was a prominent voice within Concordia and the Fargo/Moorhead community. His legacy stretches beyond the local area, extending all across the world. 

Cyrus M. Running Retrospective


A peek into the work and life behind the artist, professor, and lasting impression that was created by Cyrus M. Running.

This exhibition explores the legacy of Cyrus M. Running. His work is prominently displayed within the Concordia College Art Collection, and serves as a symbol for his involvment as a professor at Concordia College as well as his passion as an artist.