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This print is a woodcut of a church and cemetery. The church is in the background of the image, but takes up a large portion of the top left of the image. On the left and right sides of the print from the top to the bottom our trees That appear to be…

In this original black and white woodcut print Judas is depicted standing. In his right hand a coin sits on his palm while the left hand is dropping silver coins. There are three crosses in the lower left quadrant of the image and there are three…

The main part of the cathedral still standing is stone that makes up four arched windows/entryways. Little else is in tact. The ruins take up most of the top half, particularly toward the right. White flowers with yellow centers grow along the borrom…

Fourteen thistle heads on a thistle plant stand among their own plant's thorns, with the use of two tones: brown and white.

This woodcut print depicts yellow and pink columbine flowers standing out against a black background. There is emphasis on the details of the leaves.

This image shows two abstracted leaves hanging on a single branch. The two leaves are of a red/pink color. They curl in on themselves. The left leaf shows mostly a darker red color with bits of pink. The right leaf is made mostly of a pink color…

This is an abstracted woodcut of Jacob's and the Angel Gabriel's struggle. There are two forms visible in this piece. The smaller one on the left represents Jacob, leaning forward against Gabriel. He is shown wearing a garment that is in brown. The…

The art object is a woodcut print depicting a fence running through the countryside at night. The field on the left side of the piece is in a dark grey with thin black lines, like woodgrain, on top of it. The right side of the field consists of a…
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