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The art object is an oil painting depicting a female figure near a farm scene. In the background is a golden sky with differing hues of yellow and a hot orange sun. In the middle ground, is a farm yard composed of multiple buildings. In the…

The art object is a mixed media piece depicting a galaxy. Throughout the composition there speckles of copper representing a network of stars. There is also a collection of planets in the upper and lower right

The art object depicts a black-haired woman wearing a green dress is depicted posing alongside two small statues. The woman stands in a red room with a modest pose, clutching her dress to cover her figure. She looks out at the viewer with an…

The art object is an oil painting depicting an abstract composition. The forms that represented in the painting are biomorphic and organically overlap at different points in the composition. The paitning is composed many bright and happy colors in…

The art object is a mixed media collage depicting iconogrphical images. Alternating in the images are faces of ghostly figures and landscapes with items like buildings. landscapes while others are heads of people. Throughout the composition are hues…

The art object is a mirror with small, metal bulbs on the surface. The piece is created with a combination of steel and copper.

The art object is an oil on linen painting depicting ships on a shoreline in Italy. In the foreground there are a few figures and a city in the background. The water and sky are yellow and there is a bridge on the left side of the painting.

The art object is an oil on linen painting that is framed in a two-piece wood frame and depicts Clay county in late summer. The composition is arranged in a series of overlapping geometric shapes and lines in hues of yellows, greens, and whites. The…

The art object is a collagraph print with merging red shapes. In the middle of the composition are two red shapes that are beginning to overlap. Layering over the red shaoes are geometric orange shapes.

The art object is a woodcut print depicting a tree that primarily takes up most of the composition. This print is a multiple block woodcut registered with a light reddish brown woodprint background showing the pronounced grain of the block running…
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