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The watercolor paitning depicts a rural landscape with clusters of trees on the left side of the composition and a small grouping of buildings depicted on the right side of the composition. The rural landscape is set against a dusk sky with hues of…

The art object is an oil painting depicting performers. In the top half of the composition there is a man strumming an instrument. Below him are performers, one a man dancing and wearing a top hat and a woman with a thick application of makeup and…

This is an image of a green plant that has red berries on it. The plant consists on a solid green color and has six leaves on it. The berries are red or orange in color, with small circular designs in them. There are twenty one berries in the image.…

This abstract print decpits a layering of blue swirls that cover the majority of the bottom half of the composition. Layering the composition are stretches of land masses in hues of brown with the indication of river movement.

This abstract print depcits a stretch of textured form that extends into the middle of the composition. Layering on the compsoition, are biomorphic forms with indications of the movement of rivers.

The art object is an oil painting depicting a scene of daily life. The painting is mostly comprised in hues of orange, yellow, gray, and black. The compostion is composed of a woman holding a piece of fruit while standing next to a table with a bowl…

The art object is an etching that details a series of black and white crosshatching forms. Within the composition of the print, wooden boards stand parallel and perpendicular and even a few at other angles, crossing each other.

The sculpture consists of two abstract figures. The top fourth of the sculptures is wider and thicker than the body below, and it has a semi-circular plat that protrudes out and down, toward the body. One sculpture stands completely straight. The…

This painting features a cityscape of a multitude of buildings with unique architectural details, like columns, rounded and pointed rooftops, and large windows. In the left foreground of the painting is a small group of figures standing near a…
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