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This object is a cast bronze bust of Martin Luther King Jr. It features the collar of his shirt and a tie. Underneath the bust is a plaque that reads: "Martin Luther King Jr, 1929-1968. A gift of sculptor, J. Paul Nesse. On behalf of the class of…

This is a bronze bust of Martin Luther (1483-1546). The bust is life sized and stops at the top of his chest. Luther has his head tilted to his left and is wearing a cross necklace, scholar robes, and a hat. A plaque next to the bust says "-Martin…

This is a cast bronze bust of Cyrus Running. He is looking forward with a serious expression on his face. The bust extends a partially down into his chest which shows that he is wearing a button-up shirt.

This print depicts a homestead with a gate, clusters of trees, and a farm with a mind mill in the background of the right side of the composition.

The oil painting depicts an abstract horse bucking the rider from the saddle. The composition contains energetic movements with varying brushstrokes and hues of pink, yellow, gold, white, green, blue, and red.

This is an abstract pen and watercolor artwork. In the center are three blue circles adorned with a variety of lines and patterns. Surrounding the circles are patches of gray and brown in addition to other lines and patterns

In the foreground, there are three dark silhouetted figures with white accents. They are standing on partically snowy grounds with dark patches of black. In the background there is a dark blue sky.

A person sitting in a chair with their back to the viewer looking out a window.

This is a still life with multiple vases of flowers. The vases are sitting on a table in an ambiguous space.

This piece depicts an abstracted a tree line below an expansive sunset. The tree line is on the very bottom of the piece. The majority of the background consists of a sunset. The colors in the sunset are drawn in stripes of color that include: yello,…
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